Roto-Shake Genie, 120V

Scientific Industries


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SI-1100 - Roto-Shake Genie, 120V

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The patented Roto-Shake Genie was designed for rocking, rotating, and orbital shaking in almost any temperature environment. Most plasticware, glassware, tubes and bags are easily and securely attached to the stainless steel Magnetic Platform (Part No. SI-1320) for washing, soaking and mixing/blending of any sample. Accessories, expansion kits, and a 3-D Orbital Shaker attachment (Part No. SI-1150) are available for maximum sample versatility. The Roto-Shake Genie is supplied with a Magnetic Platform (Part No. SI-1320), 1 Clip Plate each for 10-13mm Tubes, 15-17mm Tubes, and 28-30mm Tubes (Part Nos. SI-1123, SI-1124 and SI-1125, respectively), 4 Magnetic Bag Mounting Strips (Part No. 0M-1126-201), and Non-skid Tray (Part No. 0A-1100-070).