MicroPlate Genie, 120V

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SI-0400 - MicroPlate Genie, 120V

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The MicroPlate Genie provides aggressive and uniform mixing of single microplates with speeds from 750 RPM to 3200 RPM (2700 RPM for European models) and a shaking orbit of 1.0mm diameter. This combination of features ensures complete mixing in each microplate well, even in 384-well formats! Almost any type of skirted microplate can be used, regardless of material of construction, well height or number of wells. The MicroPlate Genie also features timed operation from 1-60 minutes, or continuous. This provides the freedom to perform other tasks while the MicroPlate Genie is in operation. The MicroPlate Genie is especially useful in molecular biology and immunology laboratories, or for any application that requires thorough and consistent microplate mixing.