1003 BKR 400ML

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PYREX® Heavy Duty Griffin 400mL Beaker, Double Scale, Graduated (Product #1003-400)

400mL heavy duty beaker with spout is specifically designed to offer the best mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanized washing operations. For convenience, these beakers have a double graduated metric scale to indicate their approximate content and an extra large marking spot. For PYREX® beaker covers, see Catalog No. 9985 or No. 9990. Reference: ASTM E-960.
product details at-a-glance
Material: Borosilicate Glass Code 7740
Qty./Pk.: 12
Qty./CS.: 48
Capacity: 400 mL
Beaker Style: Griffin
Graduation Range: 25-325 mL
Graduation Interval: 25 mL
Height: 110 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter: 82 mm (approx)