96 Well Plate, white, cellGrade plus, Trans F-Bottom, Pack50

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BRANDplates® cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus and cellGrade™ premium Microplates

NEW! BRANDplates for cell culture are available with three different surface treatments — cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus and cellGrade™ premium — for use in the culture of a wide variety of adherent cells. Available in a full range of well shapes and colors in 96-, 384-, and 1536-well formats. 96-well plates have orange embossed alphanumeric lettering for easy identification of wells.
All BRANDplates cell culture plates are sterilized by ß-radiation to ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines for a SAL of 10-6, meeting the requirements of Ph. Eur. and the USP 29. Plates are DNA-, DNase-, RNase-free, as well as meeting cytotoxic substance levels per DIN EN ISO 10993. Endotoxins are <0.01 EU/mL. All sterile plates are individually wrapped.

A standard plate for the cultivation of adherent cell lines. The surface is hydrophilic compared to untreated polystyrene, with freely-accessible carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. Serum components are easily bound allowing cells to directly attach and spread out quickly and with a better rate of yield.


cellGrade™ plus

Plates for the cultivation of cells in reduced-serum media and fastidious cell lines. In addition to carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, free amino groups are present on the surface for a protein-line composition that allows for direct cellular attachment. Cells adhere faster, spread out, and have a better rate of yield. An excellent choice for sensitive cell lines.


cellGrade™ premium

Plates with surface characteristics for the most demanding cell lines. A poly-D-Lysine-equivalent, with analogous results regarding cell growth and morphology. Cell adhesion is optimized, reducing cell damage from frequent washing. Serum-free and serum-reduced cultivation is possible. A physical/chemical treatment that long room temperature shelf life compared to biological coatings.
Easy Selection
Find the right BRANDplates multiwell plate either by physical characteristics or by application with the BRANDplates interactive selection guide. 
Bar Codes
Bar coded plates are available upon request in quantities as small as 5000 plates for pureGrade™ untreated plates, or as few as 1000 for plates with surface treatments. They are printed with a two-color process - white base with black barcode for enhanced legibility. For more information about bar codes contact BrandTech Scientific.