Membrane filter, 3um (for macro, accu-jet & pro)

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Brandtech Scientific


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accu-jet® pro Pipette Controller

The accu-jet® pro elevates pipette control to the next generation. It improves upon the superior function of the accu-jet with new features, and improved functionality.
PROgressive Speed Control! A new range dial lets you set maximum pipetting speed, but still provides the touch-sensitive, continuously adjustable speed control that made the accu-jet so popular.
PROportioned Perfectly! The accu-jet pro has a reshaped ergonomic grip that works well with both small and large hands.
PROlonged Battery Life! The accu-jet pro provides 8 hours of full speed operation on a 4-hour charge. There’s even an LED indicator when you have two hours of pipetting time left. Convenient battery access with a slide-on cover.
PROtects Cell Pellets. Unparalleled soft blow-out control minimizes disturbance of cell pellets, or density gradient interfaces.
All this, along with the preferred features of the original accu-jet; like a true 0.2µm hydrophobic filter for culture work, a check valve to help protect the internal components, exceptional balance and light weight, and external venting of pipetted vapors.